Tour of Triangle Brick HQ during Commercial Coffee Networking Event

Jeffrey Lee, FAIA, leads the tour of the Triangle Brick HQ. Left: South exterior facade and terrace. Right: Design Center Showroom.

Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee showcased the Triangle Brick Company Headquarters at the Commercial Coffee networking event on May 15, 2012.

Scott Mollenkopf, Triangle Brick President and CEO, introduced Jeffrey Lee, FAIA. “What you see is principally his creation with a lot of input during the design process. We had built brick plants in the past but had never worked with an architect before and it was a unique experience for us.” Mollenkopf continued, “I think we are a better brick supplier because we now have been on the other side of the table and have a better understanding of our clients go through during the design process.”

Lee was both the project manager and the lead designer for the project. He gave a presentation followed by a tour of the corporate offices, product design center, and brick garden, pointing out the high level of attention given to the overall design down to the smallest details in the building design:

• The site and buildings are organized around a two-foot-wide brick wall extending through the lobby and out into the site. As this wall moves from outside to interior, it transforms from planter and seating wall to a lobby fireplace.

• The building was designed to maximize daylighting and to provide exterior views, including a second floor landing with a view of the double-height lobby below on one side and a striking view of the terrace and pond on the other.

• Cedar siding complements the exterior brick, and custom aluminum extrusions, or fins, act as both a sunscreen and a design element. On the south exterior the fins are oriented horizontally. On the east and west exteriors they’re oriented vertically to respond to the building’s solar orientation.

• The design center is a residential-scaled element housing a variety of stationary and interactive brick displays. The two-story space is open to the steel trusses above. The clay tiled roof has a concealed gutter to preserve the clean roofline.

Brick garden with “spinners.”

• The brick garden is set up on a grid with planting rows and 4 x 5-foot  “spinners” that showcase the Triangle Brick product line. Each spinner has a QR code that links to complete product information.

• Brick cubes at the street edge of the site act as structural elements, suggesting the site’s historical identity as the Triangle Brick  manufacturing facility.

Commercial Coffee is a monthly event hosted by Timmons Group as a networking opportunity for A/E/C professionals to tour recently completed projects in the Triangle. For more information about the May Commercial Coffee, visit

For more on Jeffrey Lee, FAIA, and Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee, visit


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