Moore Square Magnet Middle School Receives Awards in Environmental Stewardship Competition

Moore Square Green Team with Don Kranbuehl

Left to right: Moore Square teacher, Brian Kalsbeek
with Don Kranbuehl.

The Generation Green Awards Ceremony was held at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Prizes were awarded for the  Environmental Stewardship Competition sponsored by the Triangle Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School Green Team received a check for $1,100 for their rankings in the competition categories, receiving:
First Place in Recycling for 661 lbs/100 Students
Third Place in Energy Efficiency
Third Place in Water Efficiency
Third Place in Indoor Air Quality

Don Kranbuehl, an associate at PBC+L,  had a great time supporting Moore Square’s Green Team during the competition. “Moore Square has done a great job teaching children about the importance of protecting the environment and our natural resources,” he said. “The kids at Moore Square were so enthusiastic and did a great job in the competition.”

Kranbuehl worked with Moore Square MS Careers and Technology teacher, Brian Kalsbeek, to mentor the Green Team. The team met weekly and took a whole school approach to reduce environmental impact through a shared responsibility by the students, faculty, staff and visitors. They produced several videos to promote conservation within their school, which led to the school receiving First Place for Recycling, with 661 pounds of recycling collected per 100 students. The Green Team monitored classrooms and encouraged teachers to follow energy saving procedures at night and on weekends.  “Violators” got a green hand put on their classroom door.  At the end of the year the green hands were tallied  and the classroom with the best score (least number of green hands) was recognized.

View the Environmental Stewardship Awards Presentation.

PBC+L was an active corporate sponsor of Moore Square Middle School’s “Green Team.” For more information on the firm, visit


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