Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee Team Receives Honorable Mention

Michael Wagner and Don Kranbuehl from Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee Architecture, received an Honorable Mention for their competition entry to Architecture for Humanity’s The HuB Design Competition in Charleston, South Carolina.

Competition entries involved designs for a downtown transit hub and a node transit station that together would create a system of cohesive recognizable nodes for users. The PBC+L entry, “Charleston HUB, City and Garden”, drew its inspiration from the city’s urban residential pattern, the Charleston single house. The form, which is made by a repeating parallel pattern of house, porch and garden oriented perpendicular to the street, creates a series of outdoor spaces formed by “solid” private residential spaces.

Abstracted into a diagram, the form is modified into the parti for the transit station, converting private gardens into public outdoor spaces that retain similar intimate, spatial proportions as the single house diagram. The house itself is then modified into program components, such as retail spaces, ticketing, or office spaces, each with a porch-like outdoor, covered terrace to the south.

Read more on the competition website, visit

To see the entry, visit


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