Green Mies

As the heat suffocated much of the East Coast this weekend, power companies were stretched to their limits as everyone, in unison, pumped up their air conditioners to match the rising thermometer: 101 . . . 102 . . . 103. If only more buildings were built with efficiency in mind, the grid may survive (and so will the earth…maybe).

As we all know, energy has always been a highly demanded resource, while architecture tries to keep up. The news reminds us of the growing green architecture industry: the U.S. market alone will reach $173 billion by 2015 from $71 billion in 2010.

In this new era, who will step forward to be the Green Mies, synthesizing efficiency and industry with architectural values such as space, light, materials and experience? William McDonough appeared to be the “chosen one” though reports of LeBron-like faults and greed may cloud that chance. Or maybe the movement doesn’t need a star, but a place to showcase their work (ahem).

Here are a few examples of projects from our database that reflect both value in energy efficiency and design…

Photo © Tom Arban

Wake Tech Northern Campus Building D by Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee (Raleigh, NC)

The first all-LEED “campus” in North Carolina, Building D is high-tech in every way. The 75,000 sf classroom and office building features efficient water use, natural daylighting and water efficient landscaping that moves the automobiles to the perimeter of campus. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE…


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